GGDedalos Fuel Management System

The soaring fuel prices in a difficult economic environment have obliged airline managers to seek ways in decreasing the operating costs of Aircrafts. This led to the development of fuel management systems that identify problems and implement solutions in order to keep fuel costs down

The GGD fuel management system software has been developed by people with vast experience in airline fuel efficiency. With the software, our clients can monitor accurately the fuel consumption of their fleet and discover ways which will greatly increase the fuel efficiency. The purpose of the system is to provide detailed and accurate representation of the fuel consumption of an airline fleet, helping the fuel managers make decisions and implement solutions. Also, with the GGD FMS the users can simplify the emissions reporting under the new EU-ETS legislation.

The GGD FMS is one of the most cost efficient systems in the world today. Furthermore, great flexibility is given in that the software can be accessed either locally or through a web portal. Full support and consultation is provided so that the client can maximize the potential of the FMS system.