ASARP - Airborn Search and Rescue Platform

GGDs ASARP is a low cost amphibian UAV specifically designed for low speed and stability in extreme weather conditions. It is designed to be able to take off from a rail ramp, on truck, trolley or ship and it can land on land, water or be captured by a net. This flexibility in take off and landing conditions, coupled with its stability in extreme weather conditions is making it ideal for search and rescue missions. Its low cost makes it affordable and accessible to search and rescue teams, and companies providing services to SAR teams. It could also be applied as a safety measure on large ships (check out LYNCEUS system).

Coastal Search and Rescue operations are considered to be extremely costly. A coast guard C-130 aircraft cost about 4,500€ an hour to operate, coast guard helicopters cost about 5,000€ an hour and coast guard small boats also cost between 300€ to 400€ an hour to run.

The market is in need of a low cost SAR platform. ASARP provides just that. It can carry out the search part of the SAR mission at a lower cost, and at the same time due to the lower cost improve search and rescue efficiency with increased number of units, faster deployment, longer search streaks without refuelling and without unnecessarily endangering the lives of rescuers during search. It can coordinate the rescue part of the mission, reducing the rescue time by displaying real time images.